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Basically the same to the first Atlantis tank, but with just a couple of minor contrasts the Atlantis 2 can be said to be an appreciable e-cigarette in the present market. The wind current openings at the base have been reconfigured, and now just given 2 settings: completely open and more widely open. There are also new air current gaps on the mouthpiece (trickle tip) that can be opened also, if you want to. The new Atlantis 2 is furnished with the majority of the components same as first Atlantis, however with a couple changes that should improve your vape experience. As it turned out, the second one turned out to offer a better experience to others.

The Aspire Atlantis 2 has a composed air flow controller that is like the first Atlantis, and it is viable, and really easy to utilize. However, it’s the top point of-the-tank air flow controller that causes the real irritation than anything else. This top end wind current controller works as an air-cooling framework, and it’s a flawless thought. Pivoting the valve just underneath the trickle tip, you can control the vapor temperature. It works, but to me it appears like an excess of work for the impact. Keeping in mind it works the way it should work, we would rather have electronic temperature control of the e-fluid itself instead of the little adverse effects of vapor heat with a wind current valve. The size is similar to the previous one.