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KSL-India is a donation base Crowd funding system,which is run on Peer to Peer Crowfunding System, KSL-India is the india’s first crowdfunding system allows you to receive half of everything forever! It is based on the Mobious Loop an the G Technology System. KSL-India is a team crowdfunding system that provides help from upline , downline and crossline and you can receive donations in just minutes after register. KSL-India Concept by Congratulations for having taken a right decision in your life. You are joining the Company which is going to create HISTORY IN THE NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS. They are also evaluated for compliance with all relevant national & international standards.

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We are a Peer-To-Peer Team Crowdfunding System, which means there is no waiting for a Wheelhouse to fill, no middleman and 100% of all donations are immediately assigned to a beneficiary..

  1. Our direct selling shopping models to save a smooth path of success for our distributors, we aims at providing products and services, that exceeding fit on quality parameters and is economical on the cost front.
  1. Future plan helps achieve financial peace of mind by providing sound financial solutions throughout their lifetime. We engages in the business of multi level marketing,and it has served well.
  1. We not only provide business opportunities to individuals but also introduce the affordability factor in the smartly designed convenience shopping model for our customer.

KSL-India Enterprises business opportunity has helped millions of people to feel better and live the life of their dreams.

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