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In order to run a business successfully, you need to have the qualities of a good entrepreneur, and should know hoe to handle the things tackily. Customers are the most important part of your business that can help you in making your brand popular and hence you need to understand their needs and do the needful of Issa Asad. You need to let them know that you value them and their money, by giving them good products and services. You can ask them to participate in post production process and collect suggestions to get yourself improved and make new changes.


You have to build a strong relationship with the customers so that you will understand what people are thinking of your products, and what changes they are accepting you’re your side. In order to make direct contact with the customers you need to cut out the licensing part. You need not include the third person which is usually the distributor, who is the main culprit responsible for making the cost higher. So better won’t involve the distributors so that you can speak to your customers face to face and build a strong relationship.